What Are the Benefits of Insurance for You?

Have you ever heard the term healthy is expensive? Yes Health is an important factor for everyone. You need to know, there are 5% of humans who are truly healthy and 95% of humans who look healthy. The two things are clearly different, right? Of course, humans who look healthy have a much greater risk of contracting the disease. If you fall into the category of a person who looks healthy, are you ready to experience that?

Of course from now on you have to prepare money before all these bad things happen. But what if it comes within the next year or tomorrow? Of course the savings you save are not sufficient if you have a serious disease. Therefore this is the important role of Health insurance for yourself. If you use idn slot health insurance, automatically all future medical expenses will be covered. So you don’t need to think about costs. Have you ever heard of the term umbrella before it rains? Yes, those words fit perfectly into this occasion.

Types of insurance based on the benefits

Maybe some of you still don’t understand, what is the use of insurance? Insurance has several types including:

  • Life insurance

Life insurance is insurance that disburses funds if one day you die. It is very important if you have a family you love to cover all household expenses when you are dead. The amount issued is about 10 years of customer income. For a period of time there is a lifetime until you die, or a certain period of time. Very profitable isn’t it, so if you are god forbid, one day you get hit by a disaster and kill your family, then there is still an insurance fund to ease your household’s financial burden, so you don’t have to worry if all of these things happen.

  • Health Insurance

Health insurance is insurance that can be claimed if you are exposed to a disease or any risk related to health. This insurance is very popular in the world because it is very helpful in terms of health care for its users. You need to know the benefits of using health insurance when you are exposed to a disease or other health risk, all costs will be borne by the insurance company. Very profitable, right? Usually big companies definitely provide health insurance for all their careers.

  • Vehicle Insurance

This insurance is actually very mandatory for people who have private vehicles. This insurance will claim any damage caused by an accident or loss of your vehicle while it is owned. For vehicle insurance, it is divided into two types, namely total loss only (TLO) and All risk insurance. TLO insurance can only be claimed if you experience damage to your vehicle or lose your vehicle, and all risk insurance will claim all damage including minor scratches on your vehicle and loss of vehicle. It can be concluded that all risk insurance is more complete and obviously the price is more expensive than TLO insurance. For those of you who buy a vehicle on credit, we highly recommend having All Risk insurance.

  • Education Insurance

One of the important assets of the future is education. Of course with higher education we can achieve a pretty bright future. To get a higher education, of course you must have enough money to make it happen, until education insurance is created. If you are married and already have children, of course this insurance is highly recommended for your child’s future so that their education will be guaranteed. The advantage of education insurance is that the education costs you spend will be lighter and the education is also more planned.

  • Property Insurance

Property insurance is actually almost the same as vehicle insurance. But what is different is the subject, namely the house or building. If one day there is a fire or loss of personal property due to robbery, this property insurance will immediately claim all damage and loss from the house. Usually those who use property insurance are people who own buildings or houses that are prone to robbery.

  • Pension Fund Insurance

This pension fund is actually almost the same as ordinary savings. However, the difference is that when you have retired, your life will be guaranteed and will certainly be sufficient in living your daily life. Of course this makes you feel safer when you are already a master.

  • Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is actually very suitable for those of you who have high work risks. This insurance will be useful if the user is involved in an accident at work or an accident that makes the person disabled or disabled. When that happens, the insurance company will provide a deposit to help her financial condition.

  • Marine Insurance

Marine insurance deals with all activities that occur at sea. This insurance is commonly used by logistic companies by sea and fishermen. In the event of an unexpected thing such as an unexpected storm, this insurance will protect the person by providing a disbursement of funds or a replacement for the goods that were washed away.

  • Credit Insurance

This credit insurance actually benefits both parties. For example, when you borrow money from the bank and are unable to pay it off, the credit insurance will pay off your loan amount to the bank. This is very effective if you use it, because we will not know how our economy will be in the future.

  • Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, this insurance is actually very useful for those of you who like traveling. This insurance will work if you lose your suitcase while traveling, or an unexpected accident occurs while traveling or a flight is delayed. The benefit is that the losses you experience will be lighter. You need to know that some countries require visitors from other countries to have travel insurance.

  • Business Insurance

Business insurance is usually owned by businessmen from the lower class to the upper class. Business insurance covers your company’s property and all the career members who will get health insurance. The benefits that you can get if you have this insurance are actions to prevent if your business is not smooth and can also be used as an attraction for prospective careerists in your company.

Insurance that you must have

There are several types of insurance that you must have. These are all used to keep you ready when bad things happen to you. Here are some insurance that you must have.

  • Health Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Education insurance
  • Pension Fund Insurance

You must have the fourth insurance in case something untoward happens. For example health insurance, if you get a disease suddenly the insurance company will claim all your medical expenses. Of course this insurance is very mandatory for you to have. Then life insurance, this is also very important because we do not know a person’s age. At least when we die, our beloved family is not burdened and well off financially. Education insurance is also very important for those of you who have children and want to provide a bright future for your children. Remember the cost of education from year to year is certainly more expensive. You have to prepare this in advance, right?

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That’s a brief explanation of insurance that you must know. How ? Are you interested in trying to join? Again, remember that being healthy is expensive, so be on the alert before bad things happen to you. thanks.

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