Who we are

We’re Extreme Agency, but let’s go deeper than the name

It’s weird because if we think about it, what makes us different?

I know that there are many sources out there that give great content related to insurance, medical info, etc. As a matter of fact, I struggled late at night wondering, why do I even want to build a consulting/information central if there are good resources out there.

There are good companies out there that even have an interface that’s so easy to use that I can find the exact information I need in seconds, so what would make me better?

For months I debated this question, and yet the burning desire to truly be in this space was ever alive in my chest, and then I realized something.

I love to be in this space and help others.

I realized that the health market for the elderly is a huuggeee space, and there’s an ever-growing need for more people to rise to the occasion to be of service.

I realized that the team that I build could be just an excellent resource for the many people that need help, and provide the resources or consultation to move in the right direction. Another point is, we don’t have to work at this alone.

At the current moment I’m studying to provide consultation, so, for now, I will occasionally list someone that will give you the info you need to get maximum effect.

Until then, please bookmark this site to see the evolution and growth.